Pinebook Pro

A brand-new "Terminal" app with tabbed sessions for easy switching and custom themes, allowing a much smoother Linux(beta) experience.

A refactored "Files" app to provide a more uniformed file management experience. Also in this release, Files can auto-mount other internal drives in your device, allowing you have total control of your hard drive within FydeOS.

Pinebook Pro is an open-source laptop powered by Pine64 community. Porting FydeOS for You for the Pinebook Pro is our series of attempts to support for the ARM ecosystem. This FydeOS for You - Pinebook Pro release is a result of about 2 months of hard work by the FydeOS Dev team, inspired by the efforts of the previous Chromium OS build produced by ayufan-rock64. We intend to bring more ARM devices into our support list based on the work we have done so far, we have been keeping the building artefacts of this build in our FydeOS for You overlays GitHub group.

FydeOS for You – Pinebook Pro v11.2 is the initial FydeOS release for Pinebook Pro, comparing to the previous Chromium OS build by ayufan-rock64, some notable highlights are:

  • Bundled with Chromium 86.0.4240.*, with all the m86 features of the Chromium browser
  • Supports Android subsystem, also capable to configuring Open GApps manually
  • Supports Linux(beta) with the refreshed Terminal app with tabbed session switching and theming
  • Fixed the u-boot from previous Chromium OS where micro-SD card booting would no longer be a priority
  • Other performance enhancements for RK3399 platform

There are however some imperfections and known glitches, as below:

  • Camera isn’t working, yet.
  • It’s quite hard to trigger a right click by double(or triple) tapping/clicking the trackpad. Pressing alt key whilst single tap/click the trackpad works better.
  • Due to a power management chip glitch, there is a 30s delay when the boot-splash (FydeOS logo) is displaying. This is to wait for the GPU to be fully powered up.
  • System input tools for CJK languages isn’t working, pending a missing kernel feature. A workaround is to use the Google Cloud Input Chrome Extension.

Due to the limitations of the Pinebook Pro and the i/o performance of the micro-SD reader, FydeOS for You must be installed to the eMMC storage on your Pinebook Pro to be fully functional. The following instructions will guide you through the process, note that all data on the eMMC will be wiped by this, please do back up before proceeding.

  • Download the latest FydeOS for You - Pinebook Pro image file from the official download page from FydeOS website.
  • Flash the image file to your micro-SD card using etcher or any similar tool.
  • Insert the micro-SD card and reboot your Pinebook Pro. Complete the FydeOS OOBE process per the on screen instructions till you land on the FydeOS desktop.
  • Download the “Installer” app from FydeOS Store, launch it. Choose “Full disk installation” and select your eMMC drive from the list. Click “Install” to begin the process, this will take approximately 5 minutes or even longer.
    Install FydeOS
  • Once the installation completes, DO NOT click “REBOOT”. Instead you should Shut Down the Pinebook Pro. Once your device is fully powered-off, eject the micro-SD card.
    Shut Down FydeOS
  • Power-on your Pinebook Pro to boot into your freshly installed FydeOS for You, enjoy!

For technical support, please use FydeOS Community or join our Telegram group.

sha256sum(FydeOS_Pinebook_Pro_v11.2.img.xz): 886d121f1ed4095c3e7cdc3dd8c38647abd1f2ff3f1fe62753d7d5d2f47b9be6